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Guideline for forgiveness, eternal life, being born again, speaking in tongues and hearing God.

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Fact 1- Is there such a thing as evolution?
Many are being deceived and believe in evolution. Why are birds, fish, monkeys and other ani..
Jesus is coming back
Jesus loves us all and he does not want any of us to perish. Always repent of your sins and be re..
Part 14 - Prayer to Hear God
Dear Lord Jesus. I repent for any ungodly belief that if I would quiet my mind in your presence, ..
Part 13 - Speaking in Tongues
>>> Acts 2:3-4 >>> 3 And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of f..
Part 12 - Seven Gifts of the Spirit
You may receive one or more gifts in the spirit when being born again. >>> Isaiah 1..
Part 11 - Keep in Mind
Jesus knows us better then we know ourselves. So be sincere when you accept him as your Lord and ..
Part 10 - Discouragement
We are born again, but our flesh is still the same. It could be that we still have some bad habit..
Part 9 - Crucify Your Flesh
Please keep in mind, crucify the flesh with prayer and commandments from the word. >>&g..
Part 8 - Ways to Train the Spirit
Discipline. Spiritual fitness training. That is: Speaking (praying) to God on a daily basis. Read..
Part 7 - Spiritual Training
When a baby is born, it learns how to walk, speak, learn, etc.. At a specific period in the futur..
Part 6 - We are Spirit
Why are we spirit? Because God is spirit. He created us according to his own image. We do not hav..
Part 5 - Newborn / Reborn Christian
OK. At the moment of accepting Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, we are born again. Is that correct?..
Part 4 - Prayer for Salvation
Jesus Christ, I know that you have died for me and that you have been resurrected. Come into my l..
Part 3 - Jesus
The answer is JESUS CHRIST. He is without sin. He died in our place on the cross. His death was t..
Part 2 - Sin
We have all sinned. That means that we have done things which God dislikes. Examples: Who asks ab..
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