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Part 15 - Important
After becoming a new born Christian, be baptised in the Holy Spirit. How to receive baptism in ..
Part 14 - Prayer to Hear God
Dear Lord Jesus. I repent for any ungodly belief that if I would quiet my mind in your presence, ..
Part 13 - Speaking in Tongues
>>> Acts 2:3-4 >>> 3 And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of f..
Part 12 - Seven Gifts of the Spirit
You may receive one or more gifts in the spirit when being born again. >>> Isaiah 1..
Part 11 - Keep in Mind
Jesus knows us better then we know ourselves. So be sincere when you accept him as your Lord and ..
Part 10 - Discouragement
We are born again, but our flesh is still the same. It could be that we still have some bad habit..
Part 9 - Crucify Your Flesh
Please keep in mind, crucify the flesh with prayer and commandments from the word. >>&g..
Part 8 - Ways to Train the Spirit
Discipline. Spiritual fitness training. That is: Speaking (praying) to God on a daily basis. Read..
Part 7 - Spiritual Training
When a baby is born, it learns how to walk, speak, learn, etc.. At a specific period in the futur..
Part 6 - We are Spirit
Why are we spirit? Because God is spirit. He created us according to his own image. We do not hav..
Part 5 - Newborn / Reborn Christian
OK. At the moment of accepting Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, we are born again. Is that correct?..
Part 4 - Prayer for Salvation
Jesus Christ, I know that you have died for me and that you have been resurrected. Come into my l..
Part 3 - Jesus
The answer is JESUS CHRIST. He is without sin. He died in our place on the cross. His death was t..
Part 2 - Sin
We have all sinned. That means that we have done things which God dislikes. Examples: Who asks ab..
Part 1 - Eternal Life
Did you know that the Bible promises that we can have eternal life? There is a particular re..
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