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Some facts

Some facts

Some facts about the world that we presently live in.

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Fact 9 - Does the Bible contain prophecies?
Yes. The bible contains thousands of prophecies. They are all correct. How many of these pro..
Fact 8 - When will the devil loose his power?
Jesus is the answer. God’s Kingdom power and authority was present in Jesus and demonstrated in H..
Fact 7 - Why are there so many religions?
Satan lies, deceives, confuses, kills, etc.. If there is a gap in the door, let it even be a smal..
Fact 6 - Why does this world hate Israel?
God has a covenant with Israel. The devil opposes God. 15 Be ye mindful always of his covena..
Fact 5 - Is there a hell and if so, for whom was it intended?
Hell was not intended for people but for the devil and his angels. It is God's desire that all pe..
Fact 4 - Why does he reign in this world and since when?
Due to Adam and Eve sinning. That was the beginning of the sovereignty over the world. Before tha..
Fact 3 - Who reigns in this world?
The Devil who is also known as the „Prince of Darkness“. As an angel Lucifer (light-bringing). Th..
Fact 2 - God is ...
The creator of heaven and earth, the sea and everything in them. 11 For in six days the ..
Fact 1- Is there such a thing as evolution?
Many are being deceived and believe in evolution. Why are birds, fish, monkeys and other ani..
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