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Article 21- Happy New Year
  Happy New Year to all our readers we wish you best of the year. ..
Article 20 - Guilty till next year?
Today according to the Jewish calender is a day of atonement. The day the high priest went to off..
Article 19 - Two Keys to Separate the True from the Counterfeit in the Last Days
Sid Roth gives us an insight into how the true can be separated from the counterfeit in the last ..
Article 18 - Urgent warning from the Lord
Suzette informs us about her dreams. Here is part of her statement: "What stands out is h..
Article 17 - Why do Christians get sick?
1. Some sickness comes from God (Ex. 4:11). 2. Some sickness comes from Satan (Lk. 13:11-13). ..
Article 16 - The danger of murmuring and complaining
It is not possible to be in faith while we murmur or complain about situations. To murmur or ..
Lesson 1 - The Lord's Prayer - Part 1
Matthew 6:9-13 (NKJV) 9 In this manner, therefore, pray: Our Father in heaven, H..
Article 15 - The Supernatural Power of God's Word
One foundational truth that must be settled in the heart of every believer, is that: The Word o..
Article 14 - God is at work in us to do His will
Everything God commands or instructs us to do, He supplies us with the ability to it carry ..
Article 13 - I do not care
"I do not care" you may say.. shall we sit unconcerned while our family members the church of C..
Article 12 - Idle words
...LOOSE WORDS OR USELESS WORDS We all know that words are powerful.The word of God is all powe..
Article 11 - Love is / Love is not
LOVE IS NOT..... 1.Moving away from the moral law, 2.Depriving any man of his wife 3.Robbin..
Article 10 - Thirteen things that make you know ...
you are in Sodom (and in great sin) 1.Lesbianism 2.Adultery 3.Bragging and Boasting 4.L..
Article 9 - The fruit of the Holy Spirit
1. love, 2. joy, 3. peace, 4. long suffering, 5. faithfulness, 6. gentleness, 7. kindness, 8. goo..
Article 8 - Active Christianity
Good day everyone. I have a question for you all in today's church. This is not a gener..
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