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i like the site it gives you a..




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Article 6 - Four reasons why I am crazy .....
and still want to remain crazy. 1. I have not seen heaven yet I believe. 2. & 3. I have..
Article 5 - Receipt
The Greek translation for JESUS` words IT IS FINISHED while on the cross is... PAID IN FULL ... ..
Article 4 - The journalist or yourself?
Who can tell your story better than yourself , is it me,yourself or the Journalist ? We all agree..
Article 3 - We do not know the day or the hour
Jesus loves us all and he does not want any of us to perish. Always repent of your sins and be re..
Article 2 - Who do you vote for?
I AM SATAN; vote for me. MY MANIFESTO:made simple for easy understanding 1. I COME TO G..
Article 1 - Rainbow
I remember as a kid, I used to admire the colors in the sky after the rain...this thing called ra..
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