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Ghana - Prayer House for saints, orphans, widows and the needy.

Ghana - Prayer House for saints, orphans, widows and the needy.
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Short title: Prayer House in Ghana

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The Prayer House

Prayer house is the first of its kind in Ghana and west Africa It is a 24 hour prayer home for Christian saints to the standard of a guest house. This allows for serenity and quietness to fully seek and have fellowship with God. Priority is given to the poor, orphaned and widowed.

Background story

After building a house for ourselves which took seven years of hard labour, a lot of sweat and used up all of their savings, my wife and I felt that we should rather use this investment for others then for ourselves. The result being that the house ministers to Christians who are in need of an absolutely quiet place to pray. This serene atmosphere allows for the person praying to God to be able to focus on him and be able to hear him without too much effort. In order not to exclude the needy, the use of this facilitation is free of charge.


The reception desk is open 24 hours a day. Accommodation including sleeping facilities are provided free of charge. There is a conference room as well as a library and study room which includes Christian literature. Whoever would like to go outside can have a walk in the large compound.

Dinner can be provided for at one's own charge.

Address Effiduasi-Ejusu Rd, Ejisu-Juaben, Ashanti, Ghana
  P. O. Box KS 14128
  NAC: GVCRN J3WN2  (6.784463, -1.442807 or 6°47'04.1"N 1°26'34.1"W)
  Longitude: -1.442807407407372 Latitude: 6.784462962962969
Hotline +233 20 7700007




We have funded the Prayer House up till now. Donations are urgently required.

Why is your donation so important?

In order to be able to run and sustain this ministry, beds, pillows and sanitation equipment are needed. Care takes, counsellors and staff members have to be paid. Electricity and water bills have to be settled. You can relieve us with your donation and keep the facility running.

How can we show our appreciation for your donation?

Each donor (at his/her own cost) is invited to come and visit the Prayer House and to personally see what his/her donation is funding. Each donor seeking to pray and to hear God can use the facilities free of charge. For a donation of 50 US$ (40 €) or more, the name of the donor can be engraved on a special plate on the building next to the amount which he/she has donated upon request.

Our aim

We hope that this House will help every single person seeking the personal relationship with God. That he/she comes closer to God making this house a special house earning the name: Prayer House.

Each prayer can sow a seed which can bring froth fruits. Prayer as well as lack of prayer can be the cause for our present being as well as our present situation. Our parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, friends, etc. may have been praying for us. These people and/or others may have sowed a seed by praying for our country Ghana. Seeds may have been sown for the Kingdom of God to come and God's will to be done on earth as it is done in Heaven.

We trust in the Lord's leading this project. We hope that every seed that is sown for this cause will bear many fruits. Either for the individual himself who seeks God's presence and wants to use use the time at the Prayer House to worship him, or for the orphans or widows that may visit the Prayer House or even for the facility itself being for more Christian literature, more beds, more staff, etc..


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