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Prayer 5a - And lead us not into temptation,

Prayer 5a - And lead us not into temptation,
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Short title: Tempation

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Lead us not into temptation is where Jesus teaches us that temptation will always be there. And they will always come. But the Lord will not lead you into a temptation that is beyond you. So this type of thing that we are talking about does not mean that when you become a Christian, you are not tempted. Or when you are Spirit filled that there is no temptation. We are asking that the Lord does not lead us into temptation which is beyond us. Temptations that we cannot even handle. Temptations that would cause us to sin. Several temptations can be found in the media i.e. music, tv, newspapers, etc.. Even in some gospel songs.
Lord save me from temptations. Lord, save me from temptations that I cannot handle. Lord, if you know that I am not strong enough, do not bring me this type of temptation. Lord, I ask that you take care of all the temptations that are ahead of me.  I ask that you help me with all the temptations that the demons will bring or the temptations that you may bring in trying to test me. That you take all these trials and temptations to there barest minimum so that I can still be under your feet. Lord Jesus, I thank even you for the temptations that you bring my way. I thank you for the temptations that cross me every day. I thank you for taking me out of temptations. I pray that you take me out of future temptations. I pray that you take me out of my next temptation. I pray that you help me handle temptations that are coming from different directions, every temptation that come from my friends, every temptation that comes from my family or even from my own house. I pray that you help me handle every temptation that even comes from the church or the pastor. Every temptation that comes from what I see on TV. Every temptation from the things that I see on the Internet. Every temptation that comes from the things that I listen to. Every temptation that comes from newspapers. Even from the temptation that come from some gospel songs that I listen to. Amen
If there is more that you would like to ask the Lord concerning temptations, add them to the prayer.
In addition, you can pray in tongues.


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