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i like the site it gives you a..


Video 3 - The Day of the Lord

Video 3 - The Day of the Lord
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Short title: David Jones

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Sid Roth's - It's Supernatural! with David Jones

Dear brothers and sisters. We are held accountable for ourselves. Not our religious leaders nor our family members, friends or acquaintances. We can be grateful if they give us good advice that is in line with God's will. But if they give us the wrong advice, make us believe in idols, false profits, etc. and we deal accordingly, then we are lost. It will not be of any help if we point the finger at them and say “But I did not know the truth, he/she told me to do this or to believe in that. It was his/her fault.”.

Jesus loves you. If you are a jew, christian, moslem, buddhist, a nonreligious person, etc., he does not want you to perish. He is preparing to get his bride. So we have to be ready. Build up a personal relationship with Jesus. Open your heart and let him in.

So make the right decision. Do not wait. Choose LIFE, not death.

Accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.


Watch the video: Sid Roth's - It's Supernatural! - David Jones

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