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Article 20 - Guilty till next year?

Article 20 - Guilty till next year?
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Short title: Guilty?

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Today according to the Jewish calender is a day of atonement. The day the high priest went to offer sacrifices for the sins of Gods people to be forgiven.

It is a day every Israelite looked up to in the year i believe and asked "when is the priest going to ask God to forgive us our sins?"

I believe some even consoled others who were in trouble because of a sin committed..."please have patience the high priest is not in town when he comes and offers the sacrifice you shall be free."

Thank God he gave us Jesus(our high priest) who does not wait till the beginning of every year before asking the father and forgiving our sins ... no matter the sin ......murder ..lies you name it ..every sin under the sun is forgiven the moment we come to him, confess and accept his gift of grace.

TODAY if you are reading this it means you are alive and eligible for pardon.

ACCEPT CHRIST confess your sins and be set free.

If you are forgiven by Christ you are truly forgiven.

Hebrews 7:27

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